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Emma's June Beauty Favourites

I've decided that every month I will pick out both my beauty and non-beauty favourites of that month and write a separate post about each. This post, as stated in the title will cover my beauty favourites of the month.

1. L'oreal Paris Infallible Lasting Perfection Foundation
 This is actually my most recently purchased favourite of this month but it is one I have wanted to try for ages. One of the main reasons I wanted this foundation is because of the shade range. I have fair skin so I find it really difficult to find high street/drugstore foundations which are light enough for my skin tone. Finally with this foundation's lightest shade - porcelain - I have found a great match to my skin tone. The foundation is actually moisturising as it claims to be which is perfect for my dry skin. I'm not sure whether it does fufil it's claim of 16 hour wear because I have yet to have it on that long but it certainly did not require much in the way of touch ups for me throughout the day.

Another plus is the packaging. The bottle is made of glass and has a pump applicator, which I much prefer. I purchased this for £12.29 at Boots in the UK which is a little on the expensive side for the high street/drugstore but it is well worth it.

2. Essie Lilacism 
I adore this nail polish and have barely had it off my nails this month. A full review of this polish can be found in post on my Top 5 Favourite Summer Nail Polishes. I purchased this for £7.99 at Boots in the UK but you can find it slightly cheaper on Ebay.

3. Mac Mineralize Blush in Dainty
With my fair skin tone I don't always like wearing too much blush. I love this blush because it has a yellowy pink colour running through it mixed with a gold pearl highlight so it gives a lovely glow when applied to the cheeks. The light shade allows for the product to be layered if a strong colour is desired.

I also particularly love this product because I really love having a more 'glowing' looking skin at the moment so this works well with the L'Oreal foundation reviewed above.

This can be found at Mac for £19 or possibly less if found on Ebay.

4. Urban Decay Naked Palette
This is obviously one of the most hyped about palettes of the past 2 years and was again this month, as it been since I purchased it, my most used eye shadow palette. I just think it contains many perfect neutral colours for my skin tone which are just really easy to use to create multiple looks.
I particularly like to use Naked or Buck in my crease and Virgin as a highlight. The shadows I use all over the lid, for example, vary but I probably use Sin and Toasted the most.

The price for this palette can vary depending where you purchase it from as I got it on sale at Debenhams last year but at the moment they are selling it for £36. It may be expensive but the use you can get out of it seems endless.

5. Vivo Ultimate Base Concealer Kit
I purchased this kit online after reading positive reviews about is in Look magazine a few months ago. I love using salmon colour under my eyes because I find it combats my dark circles really well. The other shade is quite good for covering small blemishes but it will not be taking over from my Collection 2000 concealer any time soon.
The main reason I like this product is for the salmon shade because it has a lovely creamy consistency which gives me great long lasting coverage.
The kit also contains a setting powder and a highlighter which doubles up as an eye shadow base. All that and the small size of the kit makes it great to put in your handbag for touch ups on the go.
Left to right: setting powder, salmon coloured concealer, ordinary concealer
The kit is sold for £5 on the Vivo Cosmetics website.

6. Pop Beauty Beam Base Primer
This product is exactly the sort of primer I have been looking for. It gives a great glowy finish on my skin which shines through under my foundation and definitely helps it stay on my skin longer without drying it out at the same time. For that reason I doubt it would be the best primer for those with oily skin.
I bought this from an ASOS sale a little while ago but at the moment they are selling it for £16.

7. Simple Kind to Skin Moisture Boost Hydro Cream
I love this product because it simply does as stated. It really does provide long lasting moisture for my skin and does not aggravate its sensitivity. As with all simple products it has no scent and no other unnecessary ingredients. The bottle has a pump applicator and only a little of the product is required to cover the whole face.
The Simple range is very affordable with this product retailing for £5.99 at Boots in the UK.

8. Toni&Guy Beach Curl Spray
This product is one I have been using for years and is perfect for my hair type to create natural looking beachy waves. I like to apply this product by scrunching it in my hair and then letting my hair dry naturally, whether that be at night or in the morning if it is a hot day. I prefer this product over others of a similar nature because it is not sticky and does not have a terrible smell. Also the product goes a long way so each 200ml bottle lasts quite a long time.
The main problem with this product is its availability. Toni&Guy revamped their product range and no longer sell this so the only place I can find it is on Ebay.

9. Daisy by Marc Jacobs Eau de Parfum
This is one of my favourite perfumes ever. I particularly like using it in the spring/summer months because of its fruity and fresh feminine scent. The lightness of the perfume makes it most suitable for daytime wear.
I also love the packaging, particularly the daisy design on the lid.
The bottle I have is 50ml, the price of which can be anything from £40 upwards. I got mine for £41.67 in Debenhams.

10. REN Tonic Moisture Mist
I bought this product along with the primer mentioned above at that particular ASOS sale. After reading into the product I thought it would be a great one to try out the new craze of face mists. I think I made a great choice since I have read quite a few negative reviews of the most hyped about Caudalie Beauty Elixir.
The product is in a lovely glass bottle and is a great small slim line size even though it contains 50ml. The smell of the mist is very refreshing but does not linger. When sprayed I found the effects to be instant and I only required 1-2 sprays to cool and refresh my face and neck.
All in all, when the weather has been humid this spray has been reached for a lot but I also think it is a great pick me up for the skin throughout the day under any weather conditions.
I did buy this at a sale but the product normally retails for about £18.

Until next month

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