Saturday, 30 June 2012

Essie Summer Mini Collection 2012

As I said previously I was so excited to pick up some of the polishes from the new Essie collection. I decided to go ahead and get some this week and I have not been disappointed.


Bikini So Teeny

2 coats, natural light
This was one of my most anticipated about shades because of all the hype that has surrounded it. Now I have tried the product I would definitely say it is most deserving of the hype. The shade is a perfect baby blue colour with a lovely shimmer running through it. Two coats of the shade were enough for me to achieve an opaque finish. Though the shade is pale I really like how it looks on my pale skin and I think it, like the rest of the collection, would suit most skin tones. If the sun was shinning right now I think the shimmer in the polish would most definitely catch the light.

Off The Shoulder

2 coats, natural light
When I first saw this I thought it would just be another hot pink shade but there is something about it which really stands out for me. It was tough to photograph how this shade really appears in person but I would say the balance between the cool and warm undertones in the polish actually help my skin look less pale somehow. The shade certainly has much more of a subtle rosy pink tint to it in person than shows up in the photographs. Although the polishes have been marketed as looking great with a summer tan, again I would say that they would look great with any skin tone, the brightness though might work better in the summer more than any other season.
I achieved my desired opacity with just two coats though I was almost happy with the results after one! I love the consistency of this shade more than the previous for some reason as I found it very easy to apply. As with most Essie polishes the polish is not too runny but also not too thick, achieving a nice balance between the two.


Fear Or Desire

2 coats, natural light
I do not own any orange nail polishes because I have always been dubious as to whether such a shade would work well against my pale skin. I finally decided to take the plunge and I am reasonably pleased with the results. The shade is a really bright and vibrant orange. Again I used only two coats to achieve my desired result and the consistency of the polish was easy to work with.
I have to agree that this polish definitely would look better on my skin if I could get a tan(ha) or on someone with a darker skin tone. All that being true I do like the polish but it has not convinced me to purchase another orange shade anytime soon. It is probably, for me at least, my least favourite shade of the set.


Mojito Madness

2 coats, natural light
This was the other shade from the set that I was really excited to try. It is described as beinga vibrant lime green shade which I would say it matches the result perfectly. Since green is my favourite colour and I do not already have a shade like this in my collection, I am really glad I purchased it because I will definitely get a lot of wear out of it. Surprisingly, to achieve the colour on my nails as pictured I only had to use one coat! Again this is, in my opinion, a nail polish suitable for all skin tones.

As I expected Bikini So Teeny is my favourite shade, with Mojito Madness coming in at a close second. All the polishes did hold up the great quality that I've come to expect from Essie polishes. The set I purchased was £11.95 (each bottle being 5ml) from but the individual polishes (along with the less unique shades from the collection: All Tied Up and Cascade Cool) come in at £8.50 (full size 15ml) on that site but are a couple of pounds cheaper if searched for on Ebay. All in all I was really pleased with the colour selection of this most recent Essie collection. Next up I think I may try OPI's Amazing Spiderman Summer collection.

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