Friday, 22 June 2012

Top 5 Favourite Summer Nail Polishes

In inspiration of the 20th June being the official start of summer in the UK (not that the weather seems to have taken any notice of that) I thought I would name and review my favourite summer nail polishes. Some are recent discoveries and others have become old favourites. However, they may well change once I get my hands on some of the polishes from Essie's Summer Collection 2012.
Left to right: Barry M Peach Melba, Essie Lilacism, OPI Fly, Essie Turquoise&Caicos and Models Own Indian Summer

Polish on nail in natural light

1. Essie 'Turquoise&Caicos'

I fell in love with this polish as soon as I discovered it last summer. This is my second bottle of the shade which for me really emphasises how much I like it since I rarely use up a whole bottle of nail polish. Although there is turquoise in the title I would definitely say it has more green in it than what I imagine turquoise to contain.

2. Essie 'Lilacism'

This polish has been a much more recent purchase but it is one which I have been meaning to try for ages. I love it because it is a really pretty, feminine colour and a much more subtle way to achieve the pastel trend.

3. Barry M 'Peach Melba'

This colour is an old favourite and one of the many Barry M bright and pastel shades that I love. Considering that they retail for much less (£2.99) than the Essie polishes (£7.99-£9.50 depending where purchased) the application of their polishes is just as good as theirs. The polish gives a lovely salmony peachy finish which I think would look the best on tanned skin.

4. OPI 'Fly'

This is another recent discovery which I love so much I've nearly finished the bottle, albeit a mini sized one. The polish comes from the Nicki Minaj collection and was the only shade I really liked from the collection. The brightness of the polish really does show up best when the sun is shinning but sadly that doesn't happen often where I live. This best way I can describe the shade is as a bright medium sky blue.

5. Models Own 'Indian Ocean'

This polish is one I've been trying to get my hands on for ages and it has been well worth the wait. Although it takes about 3 coats to achieve my desired opacity the results and the staying power of the polish make it worthwhile. The polish has a nice amount of shimmer to it with a pale blue iridescent base that alternates to pale pink in the light.

Overall, these polishes are each great because the will look great on any skin tone and will brighten up any summer look. Also if your currently having the dreary weather that I'm having they may help you remember that it is actually summer... although that may be expecting a little much.

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Emma x

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