Friday, 22 June 2012

GlossyBox June 2012

This is possibly the 6th GlossyBox I have received so far and funnily enough (since I've chosen to write my first post on it) it is probably one of my least favourite boxes. This most likely isn't helped by the fact that last month's 1st birthday box was my definite favourite so far though...
Also the products this month are supposed to be all suitable to achieve your desired summer style but in all honesty the products I received do not do that for me. This is unfortunate since I could do with something that gives me "that summer feeling" considering the terrible weather we're having at the moment.

Anyway, inside the box there is:

Glossybox Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush - Now when I first saw this I thought well it's a full size product but is it really worth the £15.00 it is retailed at? It is described as a natural goat hair brush that gives you supersoft make-up application. Normally I avoid natural brushes for the obvious reasons - the fall out of bristles and the fact they soak up more of the product than synthetic brushes do - but this brush has so far given me no such problems. This may be due to the fact I've found it is an excellent shape for a contouring brush so I have not used any liquid products with it. However, it could also be that I have also only used it a couple of times. I think I will reserve final judgement on this product until a have used it a few more times.

Yves Rocher France Mini Mascara ultra-volume Sexy Pulp - This comes in a sample size bottle which reminds me of the mascara samples often found in magazines and it is actually the first mascara I have received from GlossyBox so I'm pretty excited to use it. I have yet to try the mascara but I was pleased to receive it since I have been using the same mascara (Benefit They're Real Mascara) for far too long now. The brush has thick bristles with a curved, almost waved shape which are supposed to give a plumping, volume inducing effect to the lashes, lasting up to 12-hours. Now the 12-hour claim aside, I do think this product sounds promising.
The full size product retails for £16.

BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer - This may be my favourite product in the box because I find it extremely difficult to find bronzer that isn't too dark for my pale skin tone but this shade is exactly what I'm looking for. It is described as being a multi-purpose product which I completely agree with as I have already discovered it doubles up as a lovely shimmer summer eyeshadow shade. The bronzer is also a mineral product which means that it should last for a long time since it is highly pigmented.
The full size product retails at £8, which I think is great value.

Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur - There is a small box inside the Glossybox which contains samples of the three fragrances in this new collection - Agent Provocateur, Agent Provocateur Maitresse and Agent Provocateur L'Agent. They are each in a glass bottle with a spritzer top instead of a cap top, which I hate, allowing them to be sprayed as easily as a full size perfume bottle. The fragrances are described as day fragrances which are both feminine and sensual. My favourite fragrance is the Agent Provocateur Maitresse which I also think gives the strongest scent but probably is the least suitable for day use. The Agent Provocateur fragrance is definitely the most subtle fragrance perfectly matching the claim that it is a day fragrance.
One full size bottle (50ml) of any of the 3 fragrances retails at £39.

Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick - This product is probably the one I'm most intrigued by. It is to be used to camouflage minor to severe skin flaws such as blemishes and dark circles under eyes which I do have some of. The sample contains 6 shades which appear as though they are a slice off the top of  each corresponding cream stick making them a pretty decent size sample. To hide most flaws the appropriate shade for your skin tone should be selected, rotated on the pad of your middle finger and then dabbed directly onto the skin flaw. For the more severe flaws different shades should be layered together to achieve the suitable shade. I am hoping that the product does have the results depicted on the packet the samples came in.
A full size stick of one of the shades retails at £19 which may end up being a bit steep if you have to buy more than one shade to combat more severe skin flaws.

Overall I think this box does have some products I am optimistic about but it just didn't give me that excited feeling I have had previously when I first look inside my box. However, you have to takes the bad with the good when you sign up to receive 5 surprises each month and on the whole I've certainly received more good than bad for my £12.95.

Thanks for reading! We'd love to know what you think of our blog.

Emma x

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