Saturday, 14 July 2012

OPI The Amazing Spiderman Mini Collection

After seeing the truly 'amazing' Spiderman movie (reviewed here) earlier this week I thought it would be fun to try out some of the polishes OPI created to go along with the movie. For the set of 4 it cost me £12.95 from but you can also get it for the same price from other sites. The polishes I got were Into the night, Number One Nemesis, Just Spotted the Lizard! and Your Web or Mine? If the names haven't sold you yet then hopefully the swatches will!


Into the Night

This is a lovely deep shimmery violet-blue colour which is obviously perfect for a Spiderman collection. It took me 3 coats to achieve an opaque finish which was probably the only disappointing thing about this polish for me.

Inside natural light
Outside in sunlight

Number One Nemesis

This is a great sparkling nickel shade with small gold particles. I think out of all the polishes this one was the hardest to do justice to on camera. I took me easily 2 coats to achieve and opaque finish as this polish was less streaky than the others. I would say though that I was definitely more excited about this polish while it was in the bottle than when it was on my nails.
Outside in sunlight

Just Spotted the Lizard!

 I think this is by far my favourite colour of the collection and the one I'd be most likely to repurchase the full size bottle of. Surprisingly I think the camera has captured the colour really well. The polish is a duo chrome yellow-green colour and is most definitely a dupe for Channel Peridot that is kinder on the bank balance. It took me just 2 coats to achieve an opaque colour being careful to avoid any streakiness.
Inside natural light
Outside in sunlight

Your Web or Mine?

Let me just say that I love the name if this polish which sort of makes up for the fact that it is probably the least Spiderman like shade in the collection. I think it was possibly included because this particular collection is a summer collection. It is a nice pearly pink shade with warm undertones. It took me only 2 coats to achieve an opaque finish as the polish was quite thick and opaque although I did have to take care to avoid streakiness.

Outside in sunlight
So did you think this collection was as impressive as the movie itself? Or do you think it could have been better?

Thanks for reading! We'd love to know what you think of our blog.

Emma x

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