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Stila 'Into the Light' Eye Shadow Palette Review

I have literally wanted to try this for ages and I'm so glad I've finally got it. The main reason I wanted to try it was because I had heard so often that it was similar to the naked palette but with more matte colours and also less expensive. It comes with a full size waterproof eyeliner (normally retails for £13 alone) and 10 eye shadows in very natural and neutral shades all for £25.

Shade names in image below

Eye Shadows

When I first saw this colour I presumed that it would be great to use as a highlight colour. However, when I used it I realised that is was actually a really pigmented matte shade, perfect for a neutral all over the lid colour. I can definitely see myself using this one a lot. I would say that is comes out more yellow than the picture on the back of the box led me to believe.
This is possibly the most popular and sought after shade from Stila which makes it a great addition to this palette. The shade is a lovely shimmery pinky nude colour which again is very subtle and could be used in conjunction with pretty much every other shade in the palette. As you can see I sadly cracked this shadow so I'm having to be extra careful with it.
Bliss is the next matte shade in the palette and would be perfect as a crease colour on light skin tones. I would say its quite a warm brown pink shade but not too warm that it clashes with any of the cooler toned shades in the palette.
I love love love this shade. It is a really highly pigmented shimmery copper shade which I will definitely be using in my crease or to define my outer corner. Since I have a fair skin tone I probably would not use it as an all over lid colour because of its depth. The main reason I like this shade is that it really brings out the green in my eyes.
This is yet another great and highly pigmented matte shade. The shade is a light brown and therefore a little darker than the previous two. It would be great as a crease colour used in conjunction with any of the other shades in the palette.
This another great light shimmery shade just like Kitten except it is gold toned instead of pink toned. Therefore, it can be used in the same was as Kitten can.
Gilded Gold
This is another shimmery shade but this time it actually has gold flecks in it. Initially I was worried about having a lot of fallout with this shade but after I carefully swept it on it just stayed on! Yet again the shade is very versatile in the ways it can be used. I would most likely used it lightly as a lid colour or as a liner for the upper lash line.
This is a much darker brown which also contains a substantial amount of golf flecks. On first application I thought this colour might be way too dark for me but I discovered that it actually has more of a buildable coverage which allows it be used all over the eye to varying degrees. Most often I would probably wear this in the crease or lightly all over the lid.
Night Sky
This is a really interesting and unusual shade which is very different in colour from the others in the palette. The shade looks like a steel blue but when applied it has much more of a bluey purple shimmer too it. The way it applies makes it probably the most wearable blue shade I've ever come across as I am actually not afraid to try it all over the lid!
This is a matte black shade but, unlike some other blacks I've used, it is definitely more of a buildable colour than an instantly intense one. For me this makes it great to use as a liner as it allows for a variation in intensity depending on whether it is being used for a day look or a night one.


 The eyeliner or smudge stick as Stila call it is a great addition to the palette especially considering, as I mentioned above, that it alone normally retails for £13. The shade is a dark black brown and it has a lovely creamy smooth consistency which makes it really easy to apply. The waterproof claim is completely true because I found this quite difficult to remove after having it on all day. All in all this product has definitely made me consider trying other shades in Stila's range of smudge sticks.

Look Booklet

The palette also contains a cute little booklet containing 6 different looks that can be created used on the products in the palette. I think this would be an especially great feature for someone just starting out with eye shadows.

Above look


I certainly think that this palette was well worth the £25 I paid for it. In terms of whether I would choose it over one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, I have to say I only would if I could only ever have one palette. To me personally the palettes have different finishes and shades to offer so having the Stila palette and a Naked palette would give you the most variety and basically the best of both worlds. The edge I would give Stila is that all the shadows have the same rich creamy consistency which some of the Naked shadows severely lack.

I'll leave you with the random quote Stila put on the inside of the palette instead of a mirror.

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