Sunday, 8 July 2012

June Favourites (Loz)


Adien Grimshaw
The former X factor contestant has finally released his debut single Is This Love . I have to say I had long forgotten about him but with this new single I won't soon forget.
His Strong haunting vocal really make this track. I wasn't expecting this type of sound for his first track but it has left me hungry for more! Luckily his album Misty Eyes is out on the 20th of august. 

 Alex Day
Good Morning Sunshine

This may be the cheesiest cutest song on my Ipod right now... but hey who doesn't love a happy song. 


I recently went to see the new movie release at the cinema The Amazing Spiderman. Me and my friend had been excitedly waiting for the release after seeing the trailer. I was worried the movie wouldn't live up to our high expectations.

 My expectations were not reached but completely obliterated. Somehow this movie was even better than I first expected! I felt the chemistry between the leads Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone was electrifying. The movie has been dubbed the sequel of a sequel however I feel that the fresh performances and direction give this movie a completely different feel to the 2002 trilogy. The option to see the movie in 3D actually does help improve the momentum of movie as many scenes look terrific I would suggest seeing it in this form if you can. We all have different tastes but for me this was just the perfect movie, the right balance between action and drama. If you were considering going to see this at the cinema I would highly recommend it! In fact I am going a 2nd time to see the movie, I fear I may have been bitten by the spider too!


Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Season 7 is now airing new episodes

 Now I know what you might be thinking "how could you like this?!" well I like you would be thinking the same. I've never really been a big fan of the generic reality shows however even though this is obnoxious stupid money making television. It is just so damn entertaining. It may be the need inside all of us to be nosey see how the other half live and the gratification that nobodys life is perfect.  Some of the scenes and plots in a episode are so ridiculous that you just have to laugh. In the newest season the plot of on episode was that momanger Kris had a 'surprise'meeting with her ex causing huge drama in the family dramatic fights were had. Scripted maybe but if you are looking for humorous light entertainment to pass the time this is the show. Be prepared to be shocked at the amount of makeup used, the sensitive feelings, the huge egos,the fake fights,realising you are poor,that these people are crazy and of course Bruce


Nope I have still not finished the Hunger Games...*hangs head in shame*


My favourite purchase has to be my real leather biker jacket from Topshop. I went to check out the sale and found  the jacket and got it for the bargain price of £20 from £65.
Going out for a Birthday Party!!

 I have to say I am in love! I have been looking for this style for so long and to get so cheap is great! I so far have had great use out of it having lots of parties to go to this month! But I can't wait to wear it casual as well! I hadn't really been as intrested in Topshop but this has put my faith back in the shop.

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