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GlossyBox August 2012

Initially when I opened this month's box it didn't really excite me as much as last month's did. However, now that I've had a chance to properly check out the products there are a couple that I really like. This month's theme is products from all around the world. I received products from Germany, Japan, Spain and the UK.

Alessandro Pro White

This is a polish which contains an anti-yellowing formula to whiten and brighten your nails. I couldn't wait to try this because, as anyone who frequently paints their nails knows, my nails definitely suffer from a little yellowing. Now that I've tried the polish I'm really not sure how well it has worked.
I would say that my nails look a little brighter and glossier but I'm not sure the polish has made them look dramatically less yellow. However, I'm going to give this product a few more tries before I make a final judgement.

This product is from Germany and can be found on Ebay if you are in the UK because it is not stocked in any stores here.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

I am really looking  forward to trying this product because I have really been liking trying out new cleansers at the moment. This cleanser is a revolutionary water-soluble cleanser which contains a blend of vitamin E and hydrating olive oil. It claims to be better than any other make-up remover you have ever tried. Now that is quite a tall order!

This product is made in Japan and the small 30ml sample I received can be purchased for £3.50 from the DHC website with the full size 200ml coming in at £18.50.


All for Eve for the Eve Appeal Balm

This is the first full size product contained in the box. It is a multi-purpose balm that combines a soothing blend of lavender, wild mint and chamomile, to help nourish and protect dry or chapped skin. I always have dry patches of skin somewhere so I am looking forward to trying this out.

The great thing about this product, and all the others in the range, is that all the net profits go to gynaecology cancer research fund. I would definitely encourage you to check out their website to check out some of their other lovely products all in the name of an important cause.

This product retails for £4.95.

Vera Valenti L'ombre a Paupiere Margarita

Now these eyeshadows are the product I am really not sure whether I love or hate. The design of the packaging is really cute (it did take me forever to open though!!) but I'm not completely sold on the pigmentation of the shadows matching up to that standard. Anyway these are swatches, some of which were really difficult to make!
The green shadows starting with the lightest at the top (which really hasn't shown up well) and the darkest at the bottom
On first swatching these I think that the second and last green shades are definitely the best of the four. They were not that difficult to swatch on my arm and the pigmentation actually shows up on camera! I think I'll give my final judgement when I see how well they work on my eyes.

6 brown shadows from lightest to darkest
I think as a whole palette these shades are much better than the greens. Overall, barring the lightest shades, the pigmentation is what you would expect for the price of these shadows. Also the browns are obviously much more neutral and wearable than the greens.

Overall this product is not bad for the price. In particular the quality of the darkest green and the darkest couple of brown shadows make up for lesser quality of the other shades.  It is another full size product which retails for only £3.85

Update: The staying power of the shadows is terrible so I not be using them again. Pretty disappointed.



Lipcote is basically applied after lipstick to seal it so preventing feathering, water removing it etc. which in turn makes it long lasting. Really not sure if this is something I will use regularly since it is a bit old fashioned.

This is yet another full size product which retails for £3.99 from Lipcote.

GlossyBox Lipstick

This, like the brush I got in June's box, is another GlossyBox product. It is a lipstick in the shade Glossy Pink and is yet another full size product!
The finish of the lipstick is really glossy and moisturising. The lipstick is very pigmented and surprisingly long lasting.

I have to say I am much more impressed by this product that the brush they released. This retails for £9.50 for presumably GlossyBox themselves.

 The international product theme was a really fun idea this month even thought this was definitely not one of my favourite boxes so far. Also, for me, getting so many full size products really highlights the bargain of the £10 price tag.

Did you love your box this month?

Thanks for reading! We'd love to know what you think of our blog.

Emma x

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